ReMix: This I Believe

Original: Hello, my name is Tyler Martinez and me being a writer is something that just will not happen. If you see me writing anything it is because I have to, either for a job or for class, I do not write in my free time. I don’t think I am the best at writing but I definitely know I’m not the worst. I will say that sometimes I will find I enjoy an assignment and writing it. But that is a very rare phenomenon and it usual happens when I must write a review or summery of music, movies, or video games. When I write I find my mind wonder all over the place no being able to stay on a single train of thought, this makes things very tedious for me. Another thing I do as a writer is always have my music blasting into my ears. I can’t tell if it helps me focus or not but it definitely keeps me from dying of boredom. Music is my life; I won’t leave my room without my headphones. I have missed school because I did not want to suffer a whole day of high school without music. One last problem I have with writing is a hard time starting a paper and ending one. The End.


So, here we are. The end of a semester. The moment most of us have  been waiting for. 15 long weeks of procrastination, and restless nights. This was my second semester at UAT, and one of the most memorable. I started off as someone who didn’t care for writing. I couldn’t find a way to connect with any of my  assignments, and how can someone write if they don’t feel anything toward the subject? I found a way to connect to my writing, a way that I never even thought of before and it was in front of me this entire time. I would share with you my way of writing but that’s for me to know and for you to experience. Looking back at my first “This I Believe” assignment, I could tell I did not want to have anything to do with English, I wanted to pass it and never come back. Now I realize I loved this class. My biggest regret is not showing up more, maybe I could of figured this out if I attended class more often but  I won’t dwell on the past. I have grown so much as a writer this semester, and I intend to use what I have learned to my advantage in anyway I can, weather it be public speaking, or just writing in my daily diary. Thank you all for a wonderful semester.


Streaming Ethics

Streaming Ethics ~ Power Point

Did you know people make careers off streaming video games? These people simply log into a game and start streaming and have thousands off people instantly watch them. There fans show support by viewing, chatting, and donating to the streamer. Streamers can get partnered by, the website that makes streaming possible. But like all things that seem a little to good to be true, there are certain streamers who abuse the system. They take advantage of there audience. They take advantage by manipulating the audience with provocative clothing, manipulation, and fake recognition.

Streaming is about entertaining an audience. Professional streamers like TheOddOne and DingleDerper engage there audience with professionalism, but in different ways. If a view wanted to learn to be better at the game, they would watch TheOddOne, but on the other hand if they just wanted to watch someone who is funny and entertaining they could watch DingleDerper. There are many streamers out there and trying to rise, many of them who are good hearted streamers, but also some who are trying to take advantage of there viewers with provocative clothing, manipulation, and fake recognition.

Analyzing a TV Show – The Flash

The Show I chose to analyze this week is “The Flash”, it appears on the CW and is a fantastic show for those who love to watch the uprising of a super hero. During this specific episode a new hero comes into the show, those who follow the hero scene with DC will know this hero as “Firestorm”. The show gives us insight on the hero before he was a super powered human. During this episode they reveal a lot to the main character Barry, and about how he will travel into the past one day. During this scene the music choice is one that will make the viewer’s heart race with excitement. Another scene that stuck out to me was the scene where Barry is talking about time travel and the scientist, professor Stein, asked Barry if he could travel back in time where he would go, Barry then replies with “I think I already have…”  the music has a slight base drop that drops over a couple seconds. This made me go “Oh wow…” and then continues to intensify. Then it definitely intensified and made the viewer’s heart race when the enemy knew who “The Flash” is.

As you watch the show you notice some of the clothing of the main characters to be different then what you would see in the 21st century. For example the character Cisco is wearing a “Mario Bros” Shirt, and this game was released many years ago on the NES. Some more noticeable product are how they have a coffee shop names “Jitters” and a Pizza company whose name I didn’t catch but it was not any Pizza company like “Pizza Hut” or “Dominos” nothing that people would look back on and know that place in real life.

Overall the shows music choice, items in scenes, and clothing, all match that of a fan who would love to watch a super hero rise to become the man they know from the comics. The show always leave the viewer wanting more, wanting next week to come even faster than it did the week before. The viewer grows a connection with the main characters in this show, loving every one of them and then admiring how the hero can take such a beating with mistake after mistake and starting to understand how he needs to turn into a hero for the people.

The Final English101 Essay

The Final English101 Essay

This semester flew by faster than I ever thought possible. It feels like just yesterday I was saying farewell to my Dad and brother. Even when in class none of the classes felt as if they were dragging on slowly, like high school did. I’ve always felt comfortable as a writer and never pushed myself to do better, Yvonne pushed me harder than any English teacher I have ever had and I appreciate that.  Without having someone there to push me to improve I would never try for more. This semester I took three language classes, the first being English, second Japanese and the third programming. Another class that helped me was Communications in Technology, it’s a speech class and it has definitely improved me as a writer and a speaker. Each of these classes helped me improve as a writer in one way or another.

Although I didn’t agree with all of Yvonnes methods I still did what she asked and I understand now that doing things that to me may not seem important or even relevant, but to her, she knew exactly why we had to do it and had good reasoning. One thing I didn’t totally agree with was the blog posts. I personally found it a waste of time and simply irrelevant to me. I don’t like blogging much but every assignment we had we had to put it on our blogs. I found no importance to this. But thinking about it now, it shows how I have improved as a writer from my beginning semester to now. I can continue posting my English assignments to the blog and one day when I need to apply for a job I can reference my blog and show how I have improved as a writer over the years. I also never really enjoyed having others read my assignments, I thought I could just read it myself and realize all of my errors on my own. But Yvonne showed me that even if I think I caught all my mistakes and outside look can never hurt. I have had many people look at my English papers and they show me how I can improve. One person I turn to when I am stuck is my friend Jordan. When I ask him for help he comes by and reads what I have written and shows me exactly how I can improve in exact areas. My Research Essay is a great way to look at how my writing has improved overall. Lastly Japanese is another language I took and it helped me become a better writer simply because learning another language helped me understand my own language even more.

Although Japanese is a completely different language, it helped me become a better writer in English because I had to study how in English we form sentences and then convert them to Japanese. In English we would say “I eat oranges” but in Japanese the sentence would go “I oranges eat”. This was a very hard concept for me to grasp going into Japanese, all my life I have been accustomed to writing one way and now going into the other language I must write the exact opposite! Eventually I got the hang of it and now I understand Japanese sentence structures, and I understand English even more. For my Japanese final I had to create a Japanese Script, this script was written in English, then romaji, and finally Hiragana/ Katakana. Japanese is an extremely hard language for me but I plan to continue learning it and improve my language skills in English and Japanese.

Another language I took was Programing,  not the average language many would think of but it is a language, it’s the languages computers speak. In programming I learned Python.  Python is a basic starting language for programmers. In this class I learned that perfection doesn’t come easy. Perfection takes time and many revisions. This helped me become a better writer because when writing and essay I used to type it up, re-read it once to myself, make any corrections I saw, and turn it in. Now I have others read my essays, and I re-read it four to five times. I do exactly that with programming as well. If there is in an error in my program it won’t run at all. It will crash every time, for the smallest of reasons. For example if a single coma is out of place the program could crash and give you an error message. One of the worst things that could happen is if you have an error and the program runs and doesn’t tell you. This could lead to future problems and then you will have to re-read hundreds of lines of code. I learned to re-read every few lines of code I type to make sure I am doing it correctly and reduce errors the first time around.

Lastly Communications in Technology helped me become a better writer because in that class I have to give a speech on a weekly basis. I have to create power points, scripts; papers, etc prepare to speak in a week. Like other classes, I feel revision is key to becoming a great writer. If I went and wrote my speech and then didn’t revise it I think I would sound improper and make a fool of myself. I make sure to re-read my speech out loud and then have other revise it as well. This class taught me that good writing goes hand in hand with speeches. Here I include my Final Speech, it shows my goals, and my achievements.

This semester was a blast and I learned so much. I appreciate every teacher who pushes me to work harder and perfect myself. Even though I may not appreciate it in the exact moment it is going on I do appreciate it overall. A great example is my freshman English teacher in high school. I absolutely hated him while I was in that class, but as I look back I realize he wasn’t just being a hard ass because he didn’t like us. It was because he wanted us to keep improving. If I could I would write to him and thank him for pushing me to become better.


Japanese Image:

Keep Calm and Program:

The Research Essay

Careers of the Future

Tyler Martinez

University of Advancing Technology

Careers of the Future

“Peter Dager, 22, practices four hours a day with his teammates. He competes for millions of dollars in prize money, and travels as far as China for tournaments. His sport? Video gaming” (Baker, Peter 2014). Video games have become more than just something fun to play; people are making careers of it. E-Sports can give talented gamers an opportunity to do more with the games they play. Many people do not consider video gaming a real career, but since the rise of modern technology the career of gaming is now a possibility thanks to electronic sports, and competitive games such as League of Legends and DOTA2. Competitive cooperative video games are providing as much entertainment as Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.  Millions of people watch and the fans lucky enough to attend the championships, flood the stadiums cheering for their favorite teams.

E-Sports (Electronic Sports) started in 1972 with the earliest video game tournament known to be held, the video game was “Space War”.  E-Sports went to online play in the 90’s, playing games on the PC such as “Netrek”. E-Sports grew exponentially after 2000. “IHS claims that 2013 was the first year when online viewing of eSports exceeded television viewing” (Dredge, S 2014). The prize money for tournaments increased as well as the viewers.   The games that spiked interest were the competitive and strategic games “StarCraft” and “Warcraft III”. These were the first few games that would continue to spike interest in the game developers who will soon create DOTA2 and League of Legends. 

League of Legends was publically released in 2009 and quickly became the number one played PC game with 27 million players active daily! League of Legends is a MOBA, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, implement a number of strategic properties into the game. Not only must you focus on your own personal aspects of the game to ensure you don’t lose to your enemy but you must also be aware of you team members around you. This game is a five versus five player game and you must work in unison to achieve victory.

Starting closed beta in 2011, DOTA2, another MOBA, is a high end competitor towards League of Legends. DOTA2 was officially released in July of 2013.  DOTA2 now has nearly ten million players active monthly! Many DOTA2 players are fans as well. Just like League of Legends without the fans pro players couldn’t compete for million dollar prize pools.

One player, by the name of Zion Spartan (in game name), started playing League of Legends (LoL) in 2011 and became a pro player in 2012.  He started making this game, which he had just played for fun, into a career before he had even graduated high school. According to Foster Pepper Attorneys at Laws article league of legends pro gamers can make salaries of six figures or more.  “Incorporating these various revenue sources, one team manager recently estimated that professional LoL players can make anywhere from $30,000 to well above $300,000 annually” (Blum B & Fisher 2014). One of these revenue sources is streaming live gameplay which is an essential way for pro gamers to make a profit. Ten years ago no one even thought that a gamer could make 100 dollars a month, now pro players are can make more than some college graduates. Riot Games has a contract with every pro player and in the contract Riot Games has agreed to give players a minimum salary of $12,500.00. This contract is for a ten week season, and includes the opportunity to earn the prize money. Each team usually has a sponsor as well, and the players receive money from them for advertising there companies on their team uniforms. Very well-known companies recognize E-sports and know that they can advertise themselves in the tournaments. “Even Coca-Cola has entered the mix, sponsoring LoL’s “Challenger Series,” which creates a path for aspiring amateur players to qualify for the professional circuit.” (Blum B & Fisher 2014).

Unfortunately being a pro gamer isn’t as easy as it sounds. Each player must continue to play the game for hours on end, every day, in order to keep in shape for when they enter the tournaments. These games are very strategic and one minor mistake can result in a defeat. When these players step onto the stage not only are these players representing the game they play but they can be role models for young gamers striving to improve.

Although video gaming was intended for amusement many have found a way to in-cooperate it into a career thanks to E-Sports and the competitive games such as League of Legends and DOTA2.  Some will still say that playing video games for a career isn’t a real job or a real way to make money. However, times are changing and every year people are finding different ways to make a career from the things they love doing. With more advancing technology, competitive games will become more interactive and strategic.


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What I see

This picture shows that two people are in love.  You can see this because they are laying down right next to each other with there feet up on the table. Next to them is a plate of food, which looks to have little sandwiches. Between them is two glasses of white wine. There is a poster that is almost hard to read but you can make out words like “Forgive, Let Go, Priest, Evolve”. This leads me to believe they have a religious background. The feet look feminine to me so this leads me to believe that they are a same sex couple. They are against so many others who say they are wrong for it, from religious beliefs to people on the street giving them disgusted looks. But none of that really matters  because when getting down to the bottom, they are two people in love.

Strategic Mastermind

League of Legends, one of the top games played today. League of legends has a need for more than just a mindless game, it requires careful decision making and thought out plans. A developer by the name “Riot Meddler” posts about how every decision you make in League can affect the game for good or worse.” The ability to make decisions that directly impact that state of the game is of absolute importance in driving satisfaction and mastery, and we always want to reward those make the best decisions.” This one sentence from best described League of Legends and its play style. League is more than just a game, sure people can play it, relax, have a good time, make decisions not caring what the outcome is, but that won’t always win the game. That is completely fine if a person isn’t always playing to win, but for those who take every game seriously it can upset them because this game isn’t just one player. Teams consist of five against five, real people, and real emotions. When queuing up to play, be willing to cooperate with four complete strangers who you will most likely never meet. Just keep in mind that the goal is to win. It may not be someones first objective, but when you decide to play League of Legends, one object should always be clear, and that’s to win. League of Legends, Meaningful Choices.

Something great about League of Legends is the fact is the game is always changing. Weather it be the current meta (Meta is the current ‘best’ strategy to win games.) being shifted, a new patch that will change the way certain champions (Champions is the character you choose to play) or items that will be played and used from now on. The fact of the matter is league of Legends is constantly changing. The blog I found was one talking about “Sleeper OP Champions” this term talks about Champions that are over powered(OP) but not played very often but soon will be (Sleeper). Players all around the world are constantly testing out new strategies to help win games. Sometimes a player will try something completely different and never before seen, if it does well others will attempt to copy that strategy, then more and more players will see this and maybe it will even become a new meta. October Solo Queue Sleeper OP Champions.

One last blog I viewed was about League of Legends Fan art. League of Legends has a pretty bad reputation for the community being so toxic and vile towards one another. But one thing that is great is when the community all submit there fan art and it gets shown to all us other players. The bloggers here show there art, and talk about the game, strategic wise and fun.  League of Legends has such a diverse community and it really is a great thing to have. You have the casual players, the strategic hard core players, the trolls, the artsy ones, and etc. Looking for nice art?